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Electric Scooter John Bicycle

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  • Materialaluminum
  • Size112 * 22 * 52 cm
  • Weight20 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T

[the good people co.,ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

Electric Scooter John Bicycle


“can run anywhere in the world”
JOHN BI’CYCLE is a futuristic smart mobility that stands for vehicle with two wheels[BI(two)+CYCLE(vehicle)] and JOHN KIM which entails an effort of JOHN KIM to build a smart transportation method that transcends time and space limitation.

JOHN BI’CYCLE was founded by an entrepreneur JOHN KIM
Built in 2017 from several years of consistent effort and R&D to create faster and long lasting smart mobility with unique design.
To deal with the original products problem of limited distance, new detachable battery was installed and we are planning to create a smart mobility that can be used in any part of the world. (Currently preparing a rental service for each nation)
“JOHN BI’CYCLE” an electronic scooter that can be carried anywhere in the world.
We will make sure that it can be used in any place in the World
We are trying to create not only a short distance transportation method but also connected method which can be linked with numerous public transportation.
Environmental friendly transportation without air pollution.
We will do our best to create world’s top class electronic scooter -from JOHN KIM’s interview-

We recommend to these people
- who live far from the bus or train station.
- relatively short distance but have to transfer several times
- distanced to walk or having hard time using many stairs of subway station
- want to travel freely
- deliver foods
- work at the campus, factory and public organizations

Experience new visual and spatial thinking with JONE BI’CYCLE
JONE BI’CYCLE is made in Korea product thus well-known for its high quality and safety.

Innovative design and high quality product
JOHN BI’CYCLE is well known for its original innovative design and high quality products. Maximum speed is 45km/h and can be reach up to 70 to 80km. Due to original molding it is safe and has various unique designs. Battery can be detached easily and stability has been increased greatly with the help of center gravity and adequate size of foot pad. JONE BI’CYCLE will now lead the smart mobility era.

Frequent inquiry from the world
Currently numerous inquiries have received from United States, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and so on due to innovative design and outstanding quality. Also in preparation of battery rental service for each country.

2017, JOHN BI’CYCLE finally release.
Enhanced safety issue
Top of the Design and function

For the safe and stable riding, JOHN BI’CYCLE used light but firm aluminum alloy.
Clean wiring through original mold design.
JOHN BI’CYCLE’s innovative design fits well with men and women in all ages.
Enjoy your riding with JOHN BI’CYCLE
What does it have to be the JOHN BI’CYCLE
stable riding, high speed, original lay out and innovative design help you to ride further and faster with more stability.
JOHN BI’CYCLE’s battery rental
JOHN BI’CYCLE has detachable battery thus one can carry it without any limitations including Jeju island. We will help you to ride anywhere in the world through battery rental service. (currently in preparation of battery rental service in numerous countries)

5 color variations, black, white, blue, rime, and yellow


1. high power 3.1 black tiger motor
It is an original JOHN BI’CYCLE motor maintaining high output and low consumption of electricity.
It is well known for its efficient high power within the 10 inch motors
Further, stronger and faster, 3.1 black tiger motor

2. detachable battery
Battery can be easily detached by opening the foot pad and separating power line.
JOHN BI’CYCLE is a futuristic smart mobility specially designed for those who need long distance ride, entrepreneurs preparing rental service and consumers who are planning overseas trip.

3. incompatible folding function.
One of many advantages of JOHN BI’CYCLE is a folding system which outstands the other products. With the help of JOHN BI’CYCLE’s updated technology, we managed with the unnecessary separation in the folding area.
. JOHN BI’CYCLE uses unique and unprecedented folding system and replaced the aluminum used in the folding part with the high tense aluminum to establish firm folding structure.
Moreover, by creating upper and lower layers holding folding segments to endure and separation from happening.
One can easily fold through just a simple touch, only in JOHN BI’CYCLE


1. One though folding system handle bar
Can easily fold the handle with a simple touch thus increased mobility and can effectively use space.

2. Lining system
In order to manage with the entangled and complexed lining, JONE BI’CYCLE created own unique design.

3. LCD display
JONE BI’CYCLE installed advanced LCD display thus enable the users to monitor velocity/distance/battery amount. Also one can alter into zero-start and cruise mode simply by touching LCD display.

4. Driving friendly designed handle
Increased the length of handle by 5cm thus fits well with the human mechanics ensuring comfortable riding.

5. Luxurious handle bar
Luxurious handle grip material was used thus enhanced the adhering to ensure stable riding.

6. 3 level speed control
From low to high speed, 3 levels of speed control is possible.

7. Cruise function
One can facilitate cruise mode by touch of LCD display. When using cruise mode, simply pulling the lever for 5 seconds would enable you to maintain consistent speed.
Very useful in the long one directional road.

8.Zero start & quick and go mode are available
JOHN BI’CYCLE has both quick and go which the users have to use their foot to move and zero start which users can move by simply dragging the lever.
For the safety of users, zero-start mode starts slowly and it can be facilitated via LCD monitor.
Enjoy safe and thrilling riding.
(in order to increase the distance range it is recommended to use slow starter)
9. JOHN BI’CYCLE quick release
Prohibited the separation occurrence from main handle pillar through JOHN BI’CYCLE’s original mold design.


1. 5 levels of height control
Easy but firm. 5 levels of height control ensuring comfortable riding of tall users.

2. Safety first extended brake sensor
Extended brake sensor is installed thus activated when the brake is pulled cutting the power of motor instantly preventing overload and abrupt acceleration. Ensuring firm and stable riding.

3. JOHN BI’CYCLE’s original disc brake
Resolved brake issue during high speed drive with the help of JOHN BI’CYCLE’s originally designed disc brake.
Outstanding braking and simple operation, only by JONE BI’CYCLE’s original discbrake

4. Stable food pad
22cm wide food pad enables foot to be lined which will assist you to ride comfortably even the long distance.

5. Oil pressure spring installed – this spring minimizes the impact to major frames while reducing runout(wobble) to relieve stress from riding.
10inch advanced tires and 10”x2.50 tires are installed this enhanced the driving while reducing stress.

Futuristic transportation mean with environmentally friendly battery
Ensuring long distance driving and long lasting durability using 48V 10ah / 19.35ah LG lithium ion battery. Safety circuit is installed in the battery to prevent power load, over charge, over discharge, and sudden increase in the temperature to keep you safe.
Outstanding design, function, performance and quality
Light, firm, fast, convenient and yet safe, meet the best product now
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Electric Scooter John Bicycle

Electric Scooter John Bicycle

Electric Scooter John Bicycle

Electric Scooter John Bicycle

Electric Scooter John Bicycle